How to Scrape Emails from any Website

One of the fastest methods to do so involves web scraping. With the help of a web scraper software like and by carefully selecting your lead sources, you can quickly build a high-quality email list.

You can then use this list for email marketing efforts or use it as a custom audience in Google or Facebook Ads.

Whatever your goal may be, here’s how to scrape email addresses from any website into a convenient Excel spreadsheet or Text file. even, you can save those leads in email marketing softwares.

Email Scraping: A few considerations

Before we get scraping, there are a few things you must keep in mind before you get started. After all, cold emailing a list of scraped emails might not be the best approach to grow your business.

Here are some considerations to make before starting:

  • Is the source of emails you’ll be scraping legitimate? Have these addresses been made public by the users or have they been published against their consent? Are these real, high-quality email addresses?
  • How will you use this email list? Do you plan to blast this list with “spammy” messages to see who bites? Or are you planning to use this list to build legitimate connections with your potential customers? Furthermore, you could use this list to build target audiences for Google Ads or Facebook Ads.
  • When dealing with scraped email addresses, we recommend checking your local laws regarding spamming and what you are allowed to do with the emails you’ve collected.

Now that you have figured out these factors, let’s get into how to scrape email addresses from any website.

Getting Started

In order to get started, we’ll need a webpage with email addresses we’d want to scrape. In this case, we will scrape the Minnesota State Bar Association’s website for email addresses of their registered attorneys.

Next, you will need a web scraper that can scrape emails from any website. For this example, we will download and install Page2Leads that works with any website.

Scraping Email Addresses

Now it’s time to get scraping.

However, we know that not every website is built the same way. If you run into any issues during your scrape job, reach out to us at

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